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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier on PC replaced by Ghost Recon Online


Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is not coming to PC, Ubisoft has confirmed -- but never fear, because it is coming to PC. Ghost Recon Online will take the place of Future Soldier on PC, as "Ghost Recon Online is the PC equivalent," Ubisoft tells Eurogamer. In February 2010 Ubisoft teased a PC version of Future Soldier and began forums tagged "PC" for the game, but apparently those plans have transformed into Ghost Recon Online, a free-to-play, non-DRM, multiplayer title that Ubisoft believes will deter piracy.

If released online, 95 percent of PC gamers would download Future Soldier illegally, Ghost Recon Online senior producer Sebastien Arnoult believes, and Online is a direct reaction to that assumption. "To the users that are traditionally playing the game by getting it through Pirate Bay, we said, 'Okay, go ahead guys. This is what you're asking for. We've listened to you -- we're giving you this experience. It's easy to download, there's no DRM that will pollute your experience,'" Arnoult tells PC Gamer.

Um, thanks?

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