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Modern Warfare 3 tops Japanese charts, Saints Row: The Third debuts at number 5


It's got the rooster, it's got the crow, Modern Warfare 3 is big in Japan. For the week of November 14, according to Media Create, the PS3 version of Activision's latest blockbuster topped the charts at number one with over 180,000 units sold. The Xbox version, incidentally, is in the seventh spot with over 30,000 copies sold.

Meanwhile, Super Mario 3D Land has slipped from the top spot to number four, with over 62,000 copies sold. Perhaps the most surprising of all, however, is that the PS3 version of Saints Row: The Third managed to debut at number five with over 36,000 copies sold. As good as Saints Row: The Third is, we can't help but think Professor Genki had something to do with its success.

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