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Caption Contest: KIRF Facebook shop clicks 'like' on fashion


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Apple isn't the only one to get some shop-based imitation flattery -- now it looks like Facebook's got its first retail homage. Yep, this clothing store in Nablus, Palestine is unlikely to be a Zuckerberg-sanctioned outlet. A giant Facebook sign hangs over several mannequins, although we're not exactly sure what angle they're trying to work here. Most of them appear to be channeling the Facebook founder's mute, inoffensive fashion stylings. That is, aside from the guy in the hot pink tee and, well, he's lacking a head.

[Thanks Liviu]

Mat: "Facebook likes jeans, ignores footwear."
Dan: "You don't get 500 million friends without making a few terrible fashion decisions."
Brad: "Meanwhile, Tom from MySpace is realizing that he's completely neglected the oft-overlooked mannequin demographic."
Richard Lai: "The Bebo store was way more fun."
Darren: "Third person there from the left... it's complicated."
Jose: "Yes, all my friends are 'real', why?"
James: "Once again, the reaction to the new Facebook wall was ambivalent."
Joe Pollicino: "Added to my 'Block' list."
Amar: "The Winklevii really have fallen on hard times."
Josh: "People You May Know"
Sean Cooper: "Where's that darn 'unlike' button."
Tim: "Remember when you had to be a mannequin in a college bookstore to get in? Those were the good 'ol days."
Billy: "You would think this crowd would have popped up in my news feed, sheesh."
Dante: "Surprisingly, North Face fleeces were nowhere to be found."
Zach Honig: "How many Credits to change the name to Google+?"
Brian: "Social networking for dummies."

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