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Rumor: Kinect 2 to read lips, make french fries, soak up nasty spills


If sources close to Eurogamer are to be believed, Microsoft has some pretty lofty plans for the next iteration of Kinect. According to said sources, the "Kinect 2" will not only offer improved motion tracking and voice recognition, but will also be capable of all kinds of technical wizardry. Apparently, the as yet unannounced device will be able to read lips, detect the direction a player is facing and recognize his or her emotional state. If your current emotional state is "a little freaked out," we're right there with you.

According to the source, the new device will not utilize USB and thus won't be hampered by its relatively antiquated data speeds – a limitation of the current Kinect model. This will allow for the "phenomenally high res data" needed for the previously mentioned features (and perhaps others, presumably). In other words, Dance Central 3 may be able to objectively determine whether players are, in fact, too legit to quit.

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