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World of Goo makes Android debut, Angry Birds consider slaying ink blobs


Anyone else feel like that pig-slaying pack of temperamental birdies has finally jumped the shark? Yeah, us too. Which makes World of Goo's official bow on Android especially timely. Gaming addicts have long had the option to build with blobs of these living globs on Mac, PC, Wii, and iOS, but now the architecturally-focused fun is ready to make nice with Google's legion of mobile mitts. You can snag the puzzler on the Android market now, so long as your handset's sporting FroYo and up. Unfortunately, this good time pastime doesn't come gratis, so you'll have to fork over three dolla dolla bills, y'all. Of course, you can always get your digits dirty (and prime that budding addiction) with a demo and live in the über-frugal land of forever level one.

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