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It came from the Blog: Deathwing joins the Candy Run


Once upon a time, It came from the Blog embarked on a Candy Run through the Eastern Kingdoms. We began at Brill, traveled to Silvermoon, then the Undercity, through Silverpine Forest and on to Hillsbrad Foothills. There were candy, tricks, treats, and lots of running.

Then one bright and sunny afternoon, the sugar-rushed travelers trekked through Arathi Highlands. Someone said, "Wouldn't it be cool if Deathwing appeared?" Everyone agreed it would. Three minutes later, we were tested on that notion.

Deathwing swooped down upon us and toasted us like s'mores at a campout. He then stuck around long enough to make sure that it took us several minutes to successfully resurrect without being toasted. But then he left us to go on his fiery way. Charred but undaunted, we continued our candy run.

You want pictures? We got your pictures right here.

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