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Meizu to launch first store outside mainland China, opening in Hong Kong this month


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That's right, despite its short-lived battle with Apple last year, Meizu has finally decided it is time to make it out of China. Well, out of mainland China at least, as the company has chosen Hong Kong as its launch pad for entering the international market. In fact, back when we visited Meizu in Zhuhai late last year, its marketing director had already expressed interest in opening a flagship store in said city -- more so as a status symbol, if not for profit -- so we weren't really surprised by this news, but we're definitely happy for his gang.

Later this month, visitors of Mongkok will notice a brand new Meizu store pop up somewhere along Sai Yeung Choi Street (yes, that gadget street), where the upcoming dual-core, 4-inch 960 x 640 MX Android phone will also be sold starting in early January -- just a tad later than its mainland counterpart. What's more, the Hong Kong version will come with extra features such as Facebook, Google Mobile Services and various Android Market apps that are absent on the original MX. Prices and absolute date to be confirmed later this month, but either way, we have a feeling that we'll be seeing some long lines again around China, if not Hong Kong.

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