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Steinberg, Dyer leave Sony's Playstation team


We don't get it, PlayStation. Did you get a new haircut? What is it that you've changed recently that's driving away all of your top execs? Earlier this year, it was Peter Dille (again) and now Scott Steinberg and Rob Dyer.

Steinberg, who was VP of marketing since 2007, and Dyer, senior VP of public relations since 2008, are out as of today, a spokesperson confirmed with Industry Gamers. An IG source claims that Steinberg was escorted out by security -- "let go" as it were -- while it's rumored Dyer has resigned from his post for a new spot at Zynga. Both have quite the history in the gaming industry: Steinberg has served at Sega of America, Eidos and Crystal Interactive; Dyer also served at Eidos and Crystal Interactive prior to his jaunt at Sony.

We've followed up with Sony for confirmation on both fronts. In the meanwhile, we'll be tearing up some TPS Reports in the office shredder in honor of our fallen homeboys.

Update: A Sony representative has confirmed the departure of the two. "We thank them for their considerable contributions to the PlayStation business and wish them all the best for the future," the representative added.

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