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South Park RPG is a feel-good game about fitting in, and more details


Creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker revealed the first details of the South Park RPG in Game Informer this week, and the project sounds so awesome that it isn't even funny. To break it down, players of South Park: The Game will be the new kid in town, and the main struggle will be to fit in and be accepted (See? South Park really is a public-programming after-school show, mom). Characters will be completely customizable and Cartman will help players choose their class -- wizard, paladin, adventurer, rogue or another, unannounced class made up by Cartman.

The story will begin with players joining a live-action RPG with neighborhood kids, which will then turn into a real adventure. The combat system will mirror Paper Mario, weapon augmentation will draw from Final Fantasy's Materia, and the levels are all illustrated and animated by hand, in a completely 2D format, devoid of any real-life hamsters. Parker and Stone say there will be a summoning system, but that they can't talk about it yet.

And, most shocking of all, Parker and Stone say the game will be funny. NeoGAF has a nice summary of the article right here.

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