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Flipboard for iPhone released


Flipboard, the popular personal magazine app that's been tremendously successful on the iPad, has been updated to a universal version that now also works on the iPhone and iPod touch. Other features included in the latest Flipboard update include:

  • Cover Stories for iPhone, a selection of interesting articles and photos being shared with you right now. And it gets smarter every time you use it. (Coming soon to iPad.)
  • Speed. Flip through pages as you would through a printed magazine, all with the flick of a thumb.
  • Flipboard Accounts: Sign into your Flipboard from either iPhone or iPad and get instant access to all your favorite content. Check out All Timelines. Flip through a single feed containing all articles and all photos being shared across all your social networks.

Setting up Flipboard on the iPhone is extremely simple if you've already set up a Flipboard account in the iPad app, and all your data immediately syncs over quite seamlessly.

As for the experience of using the app itself, it's a bit different from the iPad version; only one article at a time shows up in the viewer, and you swipe vertically through articles rather than horizontally as on the iPad. There also doesn't appear to be any support for landscape orientation at this point, which seems an odd omission.

Other than those minor quirks, using Flipboard on the iPhone is almost as delightful as using it on the iPad. For those of you who don't own iPads and thus have yet to experience Flipboard, I'd urge you to check it out right away. It's one of my all-time favorite apps from any category, and it works very well even on the iPhone's much smaller screen.

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