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Trickster Online updates with new Chaos Tower content

Jef Reahard

Did you know that Trickster Online has a story, and that story concerns Don Cavalier, "founder and former leader of [...] the world's biggest and best game company?" Yeah, we didn't either (and no, we're not kidding).

Be that as it may, the real reason for this post is to inform you that Trickster has updated with some new content called The Chaos Tower. The patch includes the titular tower, which brings "hours of never before seen playable content" to SG Interactive's free-to-play title. The tower boasts 72 floors of enemies, and the rewards for running the gauntlet are plentiful. The update also introduces a new weapon forging system which allows players to combine Chaos Tower loot items with their existing gear in order to make even more powerful weapons of mass destruction.

Head to the official Trickster site to learn more and to download the game.

[Source: SG Interactive press release]

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