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Microsoft on the hunt for original programming head, eyes ex-NBC execs


It's not MSNBC, it's MSex-NBC. Or it very well could be, as Bloomberg reports a second marriage of sorts is purportedly on deck for Microsoft and two former Peacock execs, Marc Graboff and Jeff Gaspin. Redmond's already made public plans to expand its Xbox Live streaming platform beyond VOD and into live TV, having announced a trio of content partners at this year's E3, so news of an in-house original programming push comes as no surprise. While it remains to be seen just what types of series, scripted or otherwise, are in the works, the company appears willing to press pause on the entire initiative should a suitable candidate fail to materialize. That's all the rumor mill's wrought for now, folks, but we'll keep you posted on this as it develops. And no, a certain Ms. Maddow likely won't be coming soon to an Xbox 360 near you.

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