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ArenaNet unveils the Guild Wars 2 Mesmer

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

Broken embargoes and leaked videos aside, longtime fans of Guild Wars 2 are expressing a complete lack of surprise at today's Mesmer reveal. ArenaNet finally unveiled the long-awaited eighth class this morning: the iconic Mesmer, the class that's been nearly synonymous with the Guild Wars name since 2005.

OK, maybe that's a little on the dramatic side, but after fans waited through seven other classes, two books, and quite literally years of development news, it's Kind of a Big Deal. Now it's finally here, so what's it like? Let's take a closer look at the Guild Wars 2 Mesmer class.

While the reveal has shades of the class we currently know, this Mesmer is definitely not the present-day GW1 Mesmer. "We've updated the Mesmer, moving the profession away from its origins as a support role by creating a formidable magical duelist who can stand on his own," says ArenaNet. This deadlier and more sophisticated version has three skill sets: Illusions, Shattering, and Mantras.

Illusions can take two forms, beginning with clones, which are illusory versions of the Mesmer character that carry the same name, low health, and basic behavior. Phantasms are a bit more sophisticated; as ArenaNet noted, "Phantasms are illusions that look like the caster but have their own names and carry special illusionary weapons that look different and have specific behavior."

Shattering is another focus that builds naturally from Illusions. Shattering will destroy Mesmer Illusions and create a secondary effect. There are four secondary effects ranging from protective to straight damage to stuns and dazes.

Finally, the Mesmer has Mantras at her disposal. Mantras have a long cast time, but they provide the character an instant skill slot. This is handy because the Mesmer can set it up before battle and have an extra skill available to deploy right away in the middle of a fight. Even better, the bonus skill can be used without interruption while the character is casting another spell.

The Mesmer has a nice arsenal of weapons available, including a staff and greatsword from the two-handed cabinet. A sword or scepter as a main hand item is complemented by a choice of focus, pistol, sword, or torch for the off-hand.

Check out the video below, then head to the Guild Wars 2 site for all the details on the Mesmer!

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