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ITC delays ruling in Apple suit against HTC until Dec. 19


The International Trade Commission has delayed its ruling on the pending patent case between HTC and Apple, according to HTC itself. This is the second delay on the ruling, originally set for December 6 and then moved back to this week, which is now set for release on December 19. Apple of course, is complaining that the HTC used some of its patented technology in making Android phones, and is trying to enforce a cease-and-desist on HTC selling those phones.

There's good news and bad news for Apple with this one. The good news is that the case is almost certainly going to end up going their way -- Apple has already won this argument once, and while anything could happen, it seems likely that the company from Cupertino will win it again. But the bad news is that this is a temporary victory for HTC; they're trying to keep selling phones for as long as possible during the holiday season, and another week of sales is no small achievement. HTC didn't go into detail on why the case was delayed, but that company obviously benefits from being able to delay a decision (and the stock price has reflected that win).

At any rate, we'll see. If the decision does come on December 19, it might have some consequences for HTC to deal with -- but at least they'll have had most of the holiday season this year to sell as many phones as they could.

[via AppleInsider]

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