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Namaste Entertainment trumpets upcoming Storybricks beta


If you're part of the crowd that grouses at unoriginality in the MMO genre and are craving a fresh breath of minty innovation, then you might have been intrigued at the ideas put forth by Namaste Entertainment's Storybricks toolset earlier this year. But when would this become reality? Turns out the answer is sooner than you'd think.

Namaste announced that Storybricks' beta is scheduled for February next year, and if you want to check it out, all you need to do is sign up for the newsletter and you'll be on the list. The beta will be a "skeletal version" of the toolkit without the associated game, but it should allow players to fiddle around with creating their own MMO scenarios and worlds. During the beta process, the devs will be actively creating Storybricks content and releasing it for testing as well.

To cement the good news, Lead Designer Stephane Bura and MMO Architect Brian "Psychochild" Green have put forth their first developer diary talking about the lead-up to beta and what is planned for early next year. Feast your eyeballs and eardrums on the excitement after the jump!

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