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Modern Warfare 3 adds Community Playlists, title update


Modern Warfare 3 players are in for a few treats today. First off, Activision's blockbuster has been updated with multiplayer playlist tweaks and an entirely new mode. Dubbed "Drop Zone," the latter tasks players with capturing and holding a ... drop zone. The team with the most players in the zone will receive a care package every fifteen seconds. The twist: Earning care packages is the only way to achieve pointstreaks. Drop Zone marks the first entry in the new Community Playlists section, which will play host to "popular or unique private match modes" created by users themselves.

The second playlist change is the addition of Hardcore Headquarters Ricochet to the Hardcore playlist. Furthermore, all Hardcore modes will now feature ricochet, meaning that all friendly fire will be reflected back to the attacker. In other words: Shooting a teammate is basically shooting yourself.

Finally, Infinity Ward community guru Robert Bowling has tweeted that a title update will be available today to address "Host Disadvantage" / "Lag Compensation."

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