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Need For Speed World caters to your need to spend money


You know how they say money can't buy you happiness? Well, if happiness to you is having the best thing possible in a game, then that saying doesn't apply to Need for Speed World.

The Play4Free title added the Koenigsegg CCX "Elite" Edition car pictured above, available to all players for $100. You can grab the flashy whip through the in-game Car Dealer. Your regret will immediately follow, after realizing you've spent a hundred bucks on an imaginary car.

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Free-to-Play Racing Title Gets $100 Premium Supercar and First Ever Interactive Trailer

Need for Speed™ World, the hit Play4Free™ open-world racing title from EA, today announced the addition of the Koenigsegg CCX "Elite" Edition, the first premium elite car available to all Need for Speed World players via the in-game store for $100.00 USD. Sporting one of the hottest and most dynamic designs of any car in its class, the Koenigsegg CCX "Elite" Edition is the first Need for Speed World vehicle to feature burnt titanium exhaust tips, logos stencilled on the front windshield, and a carbon fiber custom widebody kit that is exclusive to the premium car. The satin and candy metallic blue paint matched with the multiple material finish highlights the Koenigsegg's striking carbon fiber parts throughout the exotic vehicle.

Players looking to join the ranks of the elite by purchasing the Koenigsegg CCX "Elite" Edition to battle other gamers in intense races, evade cops in thrilling pursuits, and join friends to outrun the law can take advantage of a limited time sale from today until December 21st, 2011 when the powerful new supercar will be available for $75.00 USD; a 25% discount. To purchase the Koenigsegg CCX "Elite" Edition, players can log in to their Need for Speed World accounts, enter the Safehouse, then select "Car Dealer" and "Purchase New Cars". Once purchased, hit the gas in the game's massive open world to witness epic flames spit out the four rear exhaust pipes!

To celebrate beautiful licensed cars and unmatched gameplay, Need for Speed World has launched an all-new interactive trailer. The first of its kind from EA and Need for Speed; choice is in the hands of the viewer to decide how the epic race concludes. To view the all-new interactive trailer, please

Need for Speed World brings together best-in-class action racing with an unparalleled social experience on the PC. Players can enjoy stunning licensed cars, compete in over 80 events, race alongside their friends in Team Escape challenges, or simply cruise around Free Roam while hunting for Treasure Gems. Gamers race the way they want on over 100 miles of open road and a constant stream of new content, cars, and features which keep the Need for Speed World experience exciting and constantly evolving.

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