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WowWee's AR gaming toys for iOS look like fun


WowWee is beginning to see the value in connected toys that work with the iPhone and iPad. The toy maker is working on a line of toys that include an iOS app and a collectable that interacts the phone or tablet. One game is a zombie invasion that has four collectibles to go along with an iPad game. The figures are conductive, so you use them to control the player on your screen. Another game includes a small airplane model that you fly by attaching it to your phone.

Each set will retail for $9.99 and goon sale in April of next year. It's an intriguing concept, but one that'll probably appeal to adults more than kids. Kids may enjoy the games, but the collectibles, especially the foam airplane, would probably last no more than a few days in the hands of your average ten-year-old. I do think, though, this is beginning of a new kind of toy that mixes physical toys with digital entertainment. It's almost the best of both worlds- your child can practice their fine motor skills, while, at the same time, improve their computing skills.

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