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Blizzard announces 2011 Global Writing Contest winners

Anne Stickney

Did you try your hand at the penning some Blizzard prose this year? Blizzard just released the list of winners from this year's Global Writing Contest, including one grand prize winner, seven finalists and a host of honorable mentions. The grand prize winner this year is The Exit by Danny McAleese, who will receive a trip to Blizzard's headquarters to meet and eat with Blizzard's writing staff, as well as a ton of signed novels and a Doomhammer by Epic Weapons. The seven finalists will also receive a collection of signed novels to call their own.

The winning entry, as well as excerpts from all seven finalists, will be posted on the Blizzard website soon. Congratulations to all the winners and recipients of honorable mentions! Check after the break for the grand prize winner and finalists, and for a full list of winners, check out the official announcement on Blizzard's website.

Grand prize

  • The Exit, by Danny McAleese
  • Anatomy of Demons, by David Patterson
  • Daughter of Lordaeron, by Marika Kermode
  • Echo of Pride, by Martin Arthur Paul Wilson
  • Reforged, by Anthony Dickson
  • The Future of Lordaeron, by Tyler F.M. Edwards
  • The Heavier Burden, by Erica Cargle
  • The Stranger, by Walter Handloser

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