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Vita launch issues in Japan result in apology, software update [update]


For us suckers in North America, the PlayStation Vita is still just a distant object of desire. For the Japanese, though, the Vita is already a couple days into its life, but apparently it's got some ... issues. Our tech savvy brethren at Engadget are reporting that some users are experiencing "software bugs, unresponsive touchscreens and complete system freezes," resulting in many taking to social media to voice frustration.

Sony, as it turns out, is listening, already issuing a software update and penning an apology letter. The video above showcases some of the Vita's problematic issues, and it should at very least help you to sympathize with your Japanese equivalent's frustration. The letter, well, it's in Japanese, and it's kinda non-specific, so you may wanna skip that part. Regardless, with any luck, said issues will be ironed out by the time Vita arrives on US shores on February 22. Here's hoping, anyway.

Update: Sony UK counters this report and others, saying the company, "can't find any evidence of widespread glitches."

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