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Watch Nintendo prez Satoru Iwata's 'Direct' conference right here [update: it's over!]


Update: And we're out, folks. We'll have a roundup of tonight's trailers for you bright and early in the morning. Thanks for joining us (and don't forget to take your VHS copy of Uncle Buck home, dude)!

Starting at 10PM ET / 12PM JT this evening slash afternoon (depending on where in the world you are), Nintendo president Satoru Iwata will once more address eager fans and press alike in his second pre-record "Nintendo Direct" address. He'll be doing so via Ustream, and he'll apparently be dishing plans for Nintendo products on both Wii and 3DS consoles that are planned for the next few months ("through March 2012," Nintendo of Japan's Twitter feed teased last week) -- we're thinking it'll be launch dates for some of those Mario titles (Paper Mario, Mario Tennis, etc.), and an update on some other upcoming products.

In our continued efforts to keep your eyeballs locked to Joystiq for as much of the day as possible, we've dropped the stream into this post so you can follow along without having to leave our comforting embrace. We'll also be breaking out any news as Mr. Iwata reveals it, so stay tuned!

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