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Silkroad-R adding new server, gearing up for re-launch

Jef Reahard

When we heard about Silkroad-R, our first thought was buhwhat? Is Joymax getting into race cars or something? As it turns out, the "R" stands for rebirth, and the free-to-play fantasy MMO is being groomed for a new launch in 2012 (sans some of the problems that plagued it in its original run).

A new Joymax press release describes the leaner, meaner Silkroad as "the all-new, light and easy- to-play massively multiplayer online role-playing game that picks up where the original left off." The company is also touting a "bot-free and lag-free experience" that includes a new server to cope with the expected new-user demand.

Open beta testing is going on now through January 17th, 2012, and you can learn more about the reboot at the official Silkroad website.

[Source: Joymax press release]

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