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iMame app pulled from iOS App Store after a few short days of freedom


Apple has officially pulled iMame, the free, ROM-playing arcade unit emulator, from its App Store, killing one of the very few venues for getting old arcade games onto your iOS device of choice. The move is presumably due to Apple's long-standing policy of not allowing applications running on its devices to play emulated software (despite a few exceptions in Capcom and Atari).

As with other emulators to have somehow sneaked past Apple's App approvals process, it wasn't long before Apple got wind of iMame's uses and shut it down. That said, if you already snagged yourself a copy of the free App, it can't be taken away, though it can't exactly receive updates either. Unfortunate, yes, but at least you've got a few months of unadulterated, portable, emulated gaming ahead of you!

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