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Verizon offers vague statement, no apology for LTE downtime

Zach Honig

Earlier this week, you may have noticed that your Verizon Wireless LTE smartphone couldn't do inconsequential things like update your inbox, or pull up a webpage. This happened once. Then twice. And finally a third time this month. And what's the root cause? "Growing pains," according to the carrier's latest statement. And since growing pains are a natural consequence of adolescence, there's no reason for Verizon to issue any kind of apology to its paying customers, who naturally expect such inconsistencies from "the most advanced 4GLTE wireless network in the world." Now, some of you also reported issues connecting to the 3G network, which Verizon reps claim didn't experience any downtime. Instead, your hiccups were a result of being "unable to connect to the 3G Network as quickly as [Verizon] would have liked." Have any questions? Of course you don't. Such can be expected from any carrier, just like the requirement to fork over two bucks for the convenience of paying your monthly bill.

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