Soundmatters foxLo subwoofer adds umph to your FoxL v2 Bluetooth speaker, 'fits in your palm'

Joe Pollicino
J. Pollicino|01.04.12

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Soundmatters foxLo subwoofer adds umph to your FoxL v2 Bluetooth speaker, 'fits in your palm'

Soundmatters may not be the first company to ever introduce a subwoofer with a small footprint, but at this year's CES, its new foxLo is taking the claim of being the "world's first palm-sized" on. The 25-watt unit can hook into the subwoofer output of a foxL V2 Bluetooth speakers or any other devices with 3.5mm outputs, thanks to its "full pass audio out" jack. Aside from injecting low-end into your mini-rig with its "Magnetic Drive woofer," the 'Lo can also recharge your gadgets with its built-in USB port. Sadly, however, the gizmo itself only operates on wall-power, putting a damper on any mobility offered by its Bluetooth brethren. Operation limited to a volume control for dialing in an optimal amount of bass, and an LED to indicate power. If you're already hungering to add on a thumpy fidelity boost to your smaller speakers (and refuse to be swoon by a solid set of headphones), the foxLo's set to go on sale this spring for about $149. Full press release after the break.

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Ultimate Ultra-Compact Portable Full-Range Audio System for
iPad, iPhone, Mac/PC, & Other Devices

Soundmatters Nominated for Bluetooth SIG "Best of CES" Award
for Most Innovative Bluetooth Technology

Reno, NV, January 4, 2012 – Soundmatters® "", the leader in high-quality, portable speakers founded by former NASA engineer/audio legend Dr. Godehard Guenther, announced today foxLO™, the world's first palm-sized hi-fi subwoofer. Created by Soundmatters, the company world renowned for stretching the laws of physics with their diminutively sized high-performance foxLv2 line of loudspeakers, foxLO is a true hi-fi subwoofer small enough for your desktop -- or your suitcase.

foxLO features patented Linear Magnetic Drive™ woofer technology with a proprietary passive radiator system and 25 watt amplification, which brings additional clean deep bass to the already remarkable pocket-sized foxLv2 portable Bluetooth and non-Bluetooth speaker line, taking your foxL Hi-Fi speaker system (or Jambox or other speaker) deeper, creating the ultimate ultra-compact portable full-range audio system for your iPad, iPhone, Mac, PC or other portable device. The foxLO subwoofer connects directly to the foxLv2 speaker's convenient subwoofer output, or if you want deeper bass for your small non-foxL speaker (such as those from Jawbone® or others), you can connect the music signal directly from your laptop, etc. to the foxLO subwoofer, using its full pass-through output to connect to the Jambox or other speaker.
"While people are amazed at the overall performance and bass of our little foxL by itself, coupling it with the new foxLO sub creates a truly remarkable full-range system portable enough for any traveling audio-lover," said Lee Adams, Vice President, Soundmatters.

foxLO Key Features:

Patented Linear Magnetic Drive™ woofer with proprietary passive radiator system and 25 watt amplification.

USB-A charging port (for foxL, Jambox, iPhone, etc.).

Full pass audio out (3.5mm) provides full-range signal to speakers without a
subwoofer output.

Audio input with variable bass level and power LED.

Dimensions: (flat): 2.5h x 4.5w x 6.3d inches (63h x 114w x 160d mm).
(upright): 4h x 2.5w x 6.3d inches (102h x 63w x 160d mm)
Weight: 23 oz/651 grams.
Includes: 18V Power Supply Adapter, 1.8m audio cable.

foxLO to be Debuted at CES - Pricing & Availability

The foxLO subwoofer will be displayed for the first time at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) at the Soundmatters Booth #3728, January 10-13, 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Priced at $149, foxLO will be available Spring 2012 through major online retailers, including,, and more, as well as through the Soundmatters site at: "" For more information, see the Soundmatters site at: ""

foxLv2 PLATINUM Nominated for "Best of CES" Award for Most Innovative Bluetooth Technology

In addition to the foxLO announcement at CES, Soundmatters announces that it has been nominated as Finalist for the Bluetooth SIG "7th annual Best of CES Awards" (with winners to be announced at CES) for the new foxLv2 PLATINUM, the latest speaker system in the award-winning foxL series, which takes "go anywhere" listening to a new level with a trio of new performance features, including advancements in streamed Bluetooth for virtual CD quality music, new audiophile cabling, and extended battery life. The foxLv2 PLATINUM is the only portable speaker capable of taking full advantage of CSR® apt-X's dramatic improvement in streamed Bluetooth signal. "The Bluetooth SIG Best of CES finalists and honorable mentions are shining examples of the many possibilities of Bluetooth technology today," said Michael Foley, Ph.D., executive director, Bluetooth SIG. "If you're looking for the most innovative Bluetooth technology has to offer, look no further than this year's finalists."
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