Thermador Freedom full-surface inductive cooktop oven mitts-on

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Thermador Freedom full-surface inductive cooktop oven mitts-on
We'll admit it, cooktops aren't all that sexy as a rule. But Thermodor's Freedom full-surface adaptive induction unit we just happened upon at CES Unveiled this evening certainly takes some steps towards making that almost true. Touting a 6-inch touchscreen that displays the pot's shape and position and enables easy one tap control of each vessel's cooking temperature as well as up to 4600-watt maximum output power. A benefit of this seamless layout is that due to inductive cooking's magic, pots can be reconfigured while cooking without the need to wait for an element to heat up. While we weren't allowed to do any cooking tests, we expect the surface does get hot and can cook food. Thermador's flagship Freedom surface is due to ship in Jul 2012 for an sound about $4949. Hit the gallery for some pretty hot see-thru pics of the inner workings of the Freedom.

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