Engadget Podcast 271: CES 2012 Day 1 - 01.09.2012

It's ALIVE! Well, not quite, actually. CES 2012 is still not officially up and running, but that doesn't mean Team Engadget isn't crammed in its entirety into a doublewide outside the rapidly-developing showroom floor, ready and willing to pounce on news even before it happens. This is the first of many, many podcasts we'll be sending your way over the course of the week in a variety of sensory media, so clear your cache, free up that hard drive space, you know the drill - whatever it takes to get amped for the madness. We'll be there for you all week long.

Host: Tim Stevens, Brian Heater, Darren Murph
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: Party Rock Anthem

06:00 - Lenovo 55-inch Ice Cream Sandwich HDTV hands-on (video)
07:00 - Acer announces 'world's thinnest' 13.3-inch Aspire S5 Ultrabook at CES 2012 (update: pictures)
09:00 - HP Spectre spotted on CES show floor
09:15 - Lenovo's 55-inch IdeaTV K91 is the world's first Android Ice Cream Sandwich TV
11:30 - Microsoft's CES 2012 keynote won't deliver 'significant news,' more of 'a wrap-up'
24:10 - Here's a seven-minute Nikon D4 sample video: try not to drool
29:30 - BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 to be shown at official CES 2012 event, BB 10 OS coming at MWC
44:30 - ViaSat details home broadband, 12 Mbps service to roll out on the 16th for $50 per month
49:00 - Guitar apprentice hands-on (video)
52:00 - LG Cinema Screen LCD HDTVs slice bezel to 1mm, let two players share one TV
53:00 - Sony quits OLED TV in the consumer market, we quietly shelve hopes for the XEL-2
01:01:00 - Vizio's next market? Desktop and laptop PCs (Update: pictures!)

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