Apple checking out the competition at CES

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Just because Apple isn't exhibiting products at CES doesn't mean it's not interested in the event. is reporting that the company does have a presence, with one of their bloggers running into Greg Joswiak (head of iOS product marketing at Apple) at the Sony booth.

Joz isn't the only Apple employee at the crowded show. Reuters noted a source who said that Apple has over 250 employees registered for the event. paidContent's Tom Krazit talked with Joswiak, who apparently is interested on how other companies present products at shows like CES. From the layout and design of show booths to the individual products that are highlighted by a company, he's keeping his eyes on the competitors. According to Krazit, Joswiak seemed underwhelmed with the Sony booth.

The most humorous part of the encounter was Krazit's observation that "His badge was strategically arranged as to cover over his name and company affiliation, however, a nod to Apple's penchant for keeping a low profile." Only a seasoned Apple-watcher would know that one of Apple's highest-placed executives was in the house.

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