Engadget Podcast 273: CES 2012 Day 3 - 01.11.2012

Although it was the first official day of CES, it was third day in week-long marathon for us. Join us as we hit our trade show stride--live (ok, not exactly live, but close enough) from the Central Hall at the Las Vegas Convention Center with PCMag's Dan Costa.

Host: Tim Stevens, Brian Heater, Darren Murph,
Guest: Dan Costa (PCMag)
Producer:Trent Wolbe

00:00:20 - PCMag editor-in-chief Dan Costa
00:01:30 - Engadget CES 2012 Trailer Tour
00:07:25 - Intel mounting 'biggest advertising campaign since 2003' for Ultrabooks
00:13:10 - Dell's XPS 13 Ultrabook: IT-friendly, 128GB SSD and backlit keyboard standard, arrives in February for $999
00:15:35 - Sprint's Galaxy Nexus shown on Engadget's CES stage by David Owens!
00:19:10 - Motorola and Intel hold hands for multi-year, multi-device partnership, shipments start 2H 2012
00:19:35 - Lenovo K800 Intel Medfield smartphone hands-on (video)
00:19:55 - Intel's first Medfield smartphone is Lenovo's K800, coming first to China Unicom in Q2 with Android 4.0
00:32:35 - Polaroid announces Android-powered SC1630 Smart Camera, slated for release this year
00:33:35 - Polaroid SC1630 Android HD smart camera hands-on, is it a cameraphone or a phonecamera?
00:37:45 - Sony Xperia S hands-on (video)
00:42:00 - AT&T PlayStation Vita 3G hands-on, races PlayStation 3 on WipeOut (video)
00:42:25 - Transformer Prime gets a fresh serving of Ice Cream Sandwich, we go hands-on
00:46:00 - Toshiba 13- and 7.7-inch tablet prototypes hands-on (video)
00:53:40 - BlackBerry PlayBook OS 2.0 hands-on (video)
01:05:02 - Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with TransferJet
01:08:10 - Live from the Engadget CES Stage: an interview with Ford

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