Crapgadgets at CES 2012: the best of the worst

For one week at the beginning of each year, we see the gadgets that will help define the industry for the following 12 months. The Las Vegas Convention Center is brimming with innovation and excitement at the moment, but for every hot new Ultrabook there are hundreds -- if not thousands -- of devices that make us scratch our collective heads. But we've got a special place in our hearts for the strange, sometimes frightening, and often downright useless products we spot. Check out some of the highlights after the break, and be sure to check back in, because there are plenty more Crapgadgets to come, we're sure.

Watch Your Bag. Some products are hard to sum up in a sentence. And then there's Watch Your Bag, "the alarm clock that comes with a bag, filled with a rainbow of morphing colors." What it can't tell you, however, is why anyone might find such a proposition appealing -- though we can get behind Watch Your Bag's advertised lack of wires. Who wants wires in their alarm clock that comes with a bag, filled with a rainbow of morphing colors, right?

Mugtuk. One morning the iPhone awoke to find itself transformed into a giant insect. Honestly, no one should ever be able to refer to a smartphone holster as "Kafkaesque," particularly a furry one meant to amuse small child. Sorry Mugtuk, we were already having enough trouble getting our customary three hours of sleep before the nightmares of bug-like smartphones began plaguing us.

EZ Gas. Smell that? That's the smell of innovation -- innovation mingled with a likely gas leak. But thanks to EZ Gas, you already knew that, right?

iPad 2 / 3 case. This iPad case is from the future -- we're pretty sure that's how K-OK managed to get its hands on an iPad 3. Also, we're told that everything in the future is a weird shade of orange.

4D Vibestar vibrating lumbar speaker system. It's a vibrating massage chair with built-in speakers. Bump some Misfits on the thing, and it's pretty much like getting a personal back rub from Glenn Danzig, right?