Previously on MV TV: Week of January 23rd

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Previously on MV TV: Week of January 23rd
Welcome to Previously on MV TV! Our livestreaming schedule has picked up a lot over the past few weeks, and our readers have busy lives, so we know it's impossible to watch every single streaming event live. Fortunately for you, we save all of our streams all for posterity on Massively's Twitch TV channel, so you can view them at your leisure. Even better, we've got a roundup of a few of last week's MV TV highlights from the livestream team. Follow along after the jump for the best of the best, and check out our full library of videos for the other games we've streamed last week as we begin to ramp up our streaming even more in February!

Guild Wars
With the news that Guild Wars 2 is about to head into more beta testing, Richie thought it was time to knock the rust off his Guild Wars Mesmer and finish up the loose ends of the Eye of the North expansion.

He delved into the golem-filled depths in search of Oola's workshop in an attempt to convince the snarky Asura to lend her impressive mental talents to the cause of beating back the Great Destroyer. He navigated perilous traps, slayed countless monsters, recruited Oola, and capped off the adventure by repeatedly getting eaten by dinosaurs. True story.
APB: Reloaded
Falling behind on your APB action? Here's what's been going on: Taryn went against her ruthless crims and made an enforcer character, showing off missions at the "newbie" level. She also kept busy with an APB-promoted contest and prize giveaway, during which she drafted and asked five All Points Bulletin: Reloaded questions to lucky viewers in the Massively Chat.

G1's Darek Connole also surprised viewers and answered questions on gameplay and future releases! From Massively, APB, and Taryn: Congrats to the winners! Oh yeah, did we mention goofy APB players dancing in pink cowboy hats? Get caught up here!
Second Life
If you missed Beau's weekly Second Life stream, you missed a look at the RPG craze inside the game. Beau took a short tour of DCS systems, the go-to place for many RPG-makers in Second Life.

Then he looked at some of the RPGs that are featured throughout Second Life and finished up with a short tour of some of the oddest sims in all the game. If roleplaying is your favorite activity inside Second Life or you've always been curious about how RPGs might work or what exactly RPG means in the world of the Lindens, then watch this stream!
Luvinia Online: Monday, Wednesday
Thanks to the nice folks at Outspark, Karen and Jeremy went on a guided tour of Luvinia Online's new Zendo Hunter's Camp content, which is aimed at players level 40 and up. They were introduced to some of the new NPCs and missions that are offered and even got to meet some of the bosses up close!

They got a bonus tour on Wednesday of some of the high-level dungeons: Eguna Icy Cliff, Cave of Smelting Magma, and Desert of Sand. GM Refresh was back again as tour guide along with GM Mokobonbon. They faced off against each dungeon's boss with some messy results. Check out both shows for the death count as well as lots of high-fives!

Did you miss Massively TV last week? Are you too busy to dig through a week's worth of video to get to the highlights? Never fear! We've done the work for you right here in Previously on MV TV, a roundup of epic battles, tragic deaths, and juicy outtakes from last week's livestreams.
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