Go from toddler to titan in Tiger Woods 13

Xav de Matos
X. Matos|02.07.12

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Go from toddler to titan in Tiger Woods 13

Where's the fun in playing a Tiger Woods-infused golf game as the seasoned, acclaimed sports figure? Wouldn't you rather play as a small child? Having somehow extracted this incredible wish from your heart of hearts, EA Sports has announced a new mode for Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, which follows the legend from toddler to titan.

The Tiger Legacy Challenge allows players to "relive Tiger's most memorable golf accomplishments," and revisit each era of his career. Playing through each of the ten eras will unlock unspecified bonus content. It all starts -- seriously -- with Tiger practicing in his backyard between the ages of two to six and runs into the future where Woods is chasing his 19th major.

It's unclear how much of Tiger's early years will be reserved for clean up your room-themed mini-games.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 will also feature Kinect support for the Xbox 360 and Move support on PlayStation 3, when it arrives on March 27.
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