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Ceton officially drops the InfiniTV 4 price to $199

A device that was selling for around $600 on eBay just two years ago, is now officially priced at $199 -- the second $100 price drop in the past eight months -- and is available immediately from some of your favorite online retailers. That means both the USB and PCIe versions of the CableCARD tuner that can record four HD channels at once, cost a mere $50 per tuner. While this makes it the cheapest per-tuner CableCARD tuner ever available, the dual tuner Hauppauge WinTV DCR-2650 at $149 retail ($112 street) still requires the lowest total entry cost into the PC CableCARD tuner market. We've come a long way since ATI offered a single tuner for $299, but the still-pricey cards make it easy to understand understand why TV manufacturers and other set-top box makers, like Boxee, can't hide the price of a CableCARD tuner in the cost of their products.

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Ceton Announces New $199 Retail Price for InfiniTV Digital Cable Quad-Tuner Models
$100 Price Reduction Brings Cost per Tuner for CableCARD-based Tuners to Never-Before-Seen Levels

KIRKLAND, WA - February 20, 2012 - Ceton Corporation, the world leader in digital cable tuner solutions for the PC, today announced a drop in the suggested retail price for its award-winning InfiniTV 4 PCIe and InfiniTV 4 USB digital cable quad-tuner products to $199.00 in the United States. Effective today, consumers can purchase InfiniTV 4 devices from Amazon, Cannon PC, Fluid Digital, Hard Drives Northwest, Micro Center, Microsoft Store, Newegg and Velocity Micro at the new price, a $100 (33 percent) savings, making an outstanding value even better. The Ceton line of InfiniTV digital cable tuners continues its legacy of delivering the best value and uncompromised quality in the market.
A Ceton InfiniTV 4-equipped PC makes exciting new entertainment scenarios possible in the home, including:
· Watching and recording up to four live HD channels at once;
· Streaming live HD channels or recordings to multiple TVs, and making Digital Video Recording (DVR) available on virtually every TV, using Windows Media Center Extenders;
· Enjoying cable TV, Internet TV, music, photos, videos and more, all through one device, with the Media Center experience from Microsoft;
· Eliminating cable set-top boxes, expensive hardware rental fees and DVR "taxes";
· Sharing individual tuners with other Windows 7-based PCs to enable watching TV programming on PC displays as well as TV sets.

"For anyone thinking about buying a Ceton InfiniTV, there is no better time than now," said Gary Hammer, president and chief executive officer of Ceton Corporation. "We are giving shoppers every reason to experience new entertainment scenarios they have only imagined before, and with better value than ever."