Last chance to clear out Google Web History before the great data convergence

Google Privacy Policy

The end is nigh! For about 59 different Google ToS documents at least. After today, the new consolidated privacy policy will go into effect on March 1st, which will also consolidate much of your data across Google's properties. That means this is a your last chance to clear out El Goog's "you archives" before the great convergence of 2012. If you're not keen on Google sharing your information between its various products (though, you seemed to be okay with it being collected in the first place) today is the day to go and delete it all. Of particular concern for some is Web History, which collects your searches and sites visited and has, until now, been walled off from the rest of the Google empire. For complete instructions for how to clear out your Google Web History hit up the source link.

Update: The EFF has clarified, and we feel it necessary to follow suit, that disabling your web history does not stop Google from collecting data about you. What it does mean is that after 18 months that information is partially anonymized and that certain features, like custom search results, will not be enabled. Just as importantly, we mistakenly said that Wednesday, February 22nd was your last chance to turn off the feature. The new ToS does not go into effect until March 1st.