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Google clarifies what isn't changing with new privacy policy

Google clarifies what isn't changing with new privacy policy
Terrence O'Brien
Terrence O'Brien|@TerrenceOBrien|January 31, 2012 9:19 AM
Google Privacy Policy
As you may remember, roughly a week ago Google issued a major overhaul of its privacy policies -- condensing some 60 scattered terms of service into a single document covering a vast majority of its internet empire. Of course, this raised concern, confusion and led to stories circulating the web about the inherent danger of the revised TOS. Truth be told, most of the wild-eyed fear mongering was done by those who either had not read or had not understood what the simplified policies mean (though, we hardly fault them for being suspicious). Google is looking to allay those fears however, and has released the full text of a letter written to congress clarifying the new TOS. The important information here is presented on the Google Public Policy Blog as bullet points and that is what's not changing. Users will still be able to search without signing in, opt out of targeted ads, export their data and maintain fine-grained control over their private data. Oh and Google will never, we repeat never, sell your information to advertisers. Hit up the source link if you're still in need of more details.