Daily iPhone App: Zoo Sounds lets your toddler laugh and learn about animals

I'm always looking for educational and fun games that are appropriate for the younger set. Even though the App Store is filled with games, it's not that easy finding quality titles designed for the dexterity and abilities of three and four-year-olds. One game that fits this bill is Zoo Sounds from Tantrum Apps.

Zoo Sounds, now on version 3, teaches children about animals and their sounds. It's filled with fifteen different animals that children can learn to identify using several mini-games. There's a standard flash card game where your child can flip through the cards and click on an animal to hear its sound. There's also a puzzle game where you drag an animal to its spot on the board and a three-card match game where children try to match pairs of animals.

For the older kids (four to five-years-old), there's a numerical connect-the-dots and a 12-card memory match game. With Zoo Sounds, parents can even create a silly card with an animal's body and the child's face. Just a warning - this card-creating section does have the option to upload the creation to Facebook or Flickr, but you have to authorize the app first.

The app uses realistic sounds and actual pictures of animals to help your children learn. Each animal's name is also listed in the flash card section so children can learn by sound, sight and letters. It's an enjoyable app for the young ones, especially when their parents sit beside them and guide them through the animals.

Zoo Sounds is available in the App Store for 99-cents and it's well worth the price.