NEC Medias series makes the trip to MWC, we go eyes-on

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NEC Medias series makes the trip to MWC, we go eyes-on
While NEC had already unveiled some of its plans for 2012, a phone with a pair of 4.3-inch screens is bound to draw in even the most jaded MWC attendee. Alas, these are still empty prototypes -- the seed for whatever set of colors and complicated numerical naming conventions that Japanese carriers will place on the final models. The Medias W closes like a book -- or perhaps a certain Sony tablet -- and even over-extends beyond the hinge. No glimmer of technical detail on those screens, but we're promised the "latest OS" and from the sticker screen, that appears to be a lightly-skinned version of Ice Cream Sandwich. It's joined by the 4.3-inch Medias X (ultra slim and waterproof) and the Medias Z, the large-screened five-incher revealed in Japan last week. Its LTE tablet, the mobile wallet-capable Medias Tab N-06D was also available to gawp at -- just to round out the family. NEC's otherwise keeping it vague with the specs at the moment, so you're going to have to peruse our gallery with an extra critical eye for more hints on what's to come.

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