iFixit begins surgery on new iPad

Brian Heater
B. Heater|03.15.12

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Need something to keep you occupied as you wait in line for the latest iPad? What better way to wile away the time waiting for its 8AM release in your part of the world than watching someone else tear apart their brand new tablet? iFixit has already managed to get its hands on the "resolutionary" new product with help from some time zone trickery, and is digging into the slate as we speak. The site has only posted the above image at present, but we'll hit you with the link as soon as we get it. Stay tuned.

Update: And it begins! Check out the source link below to follow all of the fun. Looks like the site got its hands on a 4G model, courtesy of a store in Melbourne, Australia. So far there's nothing super shocking inside -- it's packing that dual-core A5x processor and a 9.7-inch display, which looks like it may have been crafted by Samsung, according to the site. The iPad's SoC has also been confirmed as the Quad-core PowerVR SGX MP4+ -- just like we surmised last week.
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