Apple's second slide-to-unlock case against Samsung stayed in Germany

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.16.12

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Apple's second slide-to-unlock case against Samsung stayed in Germany
Nothing like a little drama in the ongoing never-ending saga between Samsung and Apple to spice up your Friday morning, eh? As legions of consumers are cashing in a vacation day in order to pick up one of Apple's newest iPads, a court in Mannheim, Germany has stayed Apple's second slide-to-unlock case. According to FOSS Patents, the decision was made for the "duration of a parallel proceeding before the German Patent and Trademark Office that could lead to the revocation, in whole or in part, of Apple's slide-to-unlock utility model." Purportedly, the judge said that the court was not convinced of the "validity of that intellectual property right in all respects, with particular concern about the broadest group of claims." Lawyers who'd love to do nothing more than read about things related to their profession can tap that source link; everyone else can resume their best efforts of trying to be Woz when they grow up.
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