Caption Contest: HTC's down-to-earth photo shoot

With the Android handset market as jam-packed as it is, it can be tough to distinguish your device from the maddening crowd. We've seen some bizarre and sublime attempts to do so over the years, but few have reached the terminal velocity of HTC's skydiving fashion photoshoot aimed at promoting its new One line of phones. Has the company hit the bullseye here, or is it and its accompanying light-headed skydivers destined to splatter all over the advertising landscape? It just might take a caption contest to find out for certain.

Zach Honig: "If I make this reverse overhead shot do you promise to attach a parachute to my string?"
Sean Buckley: "Drop test #3 will commence in 3.. 2.."
Christopher Trout: "Who needs a facelift when you have wind effects like these?"
Darren Murph: [Yelling, to combat the wind] "WHY DO WE HAVE FOUR PEOPLE TO PROMOTE THE ONE LINE?"
Brian Heater: "Another dropped call from AT&T."
Myriam: "Looks like we fixed that bug in the accelerometer! It's working just fine right now..."
Tim: "Hang on, trying to decide which Instagram filter to apply... so many choices..."

Michael: "Well, whaddya know, Face Unlock works while free-falling at 10,000 feet!"
Zach Lutz: Despite the fabulous view, Guy couldn't resist his overwhelming urge to check for available software updates.
Sharif Sakr: As if throwing Dr Dre and his Beats Audio out of a plane wasn't enough, they had to shoot him in the back with an arrow.
Richard Lawler: What do you mean there aren't any FourSquare badges for this?
Jose Andrade: "Don't move. I'm almost done with this DrawSomething drawing"
Billy Steele: "You just hold the phone and I promise I'll pull the 'chute. Maybe."