BlackBerry PlayBook with '4G' out and about, wants to know where you put its SIM

Jim Balsillie might be on the outs, but it looks like his once boastful pet-project -- a BlackBerry PlayBook with integrated cellular wireless -- is finally coming to fruition. Per CrackBerry's forums comes the above snap of the Canadian slate donning a SIM card slot, nary a month after we first spotted the company's HSPA+ and LTE tablets pass through the FCC. That also lines up nicely with a previously leaked roadmap, promising a summer arrival. Will the mythical 4G-wielding PlayBook ever make it to market? Or like its WiMax brother, will it never be given the chance? While you ponder that, more pics await at the source.

Update: A few more photos have surfaced on the CrackBerry forums, showing what appears to be native BBM on the device.