NASA deems SpaceX Dragon worthy of the ISS, locks in April 30th launch date

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A month ago to the day, SpaceX informed us all that it was aiming to launch its Dragon spacecraft skyward on April 30th, and rendezvous with the ISS a few days later. Now NASA's finally finished its flight readiness review and has given Elon Musk's capsule the green light to hit that launch window. The capsule will hitch a ride on one of the firm's Falcon 9 rockets and will launch from Cape Canaveral just after noon ET -- from there it'll perform a flyby of the station to check its sensors and flight systems before its inaugural docking with the ISS. Wanna watch the magic happen? Live video of the launch starts at 11AM on NASA TV, and night owls can watch the docking itself occur May 3rd at 2AM.

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