Nintendo Direct time travels with news tonight, tomorrow, yesterday

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Nintendo Direct time travels with news tonight, tomorrow, yesterday
Nintendo Direct, the all-Nintendo-news, some-of-the-time video series from official Nintendo headquarters, is hitting the airwaves tonight. Technically, it's noon EST tomorrow, April 21, but folks in the US can expect announcements from the Japanese feed starting at 8:30 p.m. PST tonight, Friday, April 20. The European announcements will hit at 1 p.m. CET (4 a.m. PST), April 21.

Nintendo hasn't revealed what it will discuss tonight, but it has left us a trail of clues. CEO Satoru Iwata sent out invitations to this weekend's Nintendo Direct on 3DS' Spot Pass, showing him with a giant, suspicious Kirby plushie. Kid Icarus: Uprising's Masahiro Sakurai tweeted to expect Uprising news and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy's Masanobu Suzui suggested fans should watch the feed, Andriasang translates.

We'll have our eyes and fingertips ready to roll for any breakout Kirby-Kid-Icarus-Theatrhythm crossover news tonight, because really, it's not like we had any plans on a Friday night or anything.
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