Padcaster iPad shooter frame debuts at NAB

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Michael Rose
April 20th, 2012
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Padcaster iPad shooter frame debuts at NAB

The Padcaster, which we told you about in March, showed off this week in its public debut at the NAB show in Las Vegas. As expected, the rigid mounting frame for the iPad makes it easy to use Apple's tablet on a tripod or with other film accessories like lights, microphones or 35mm lenses. An interchangeable insert in the frame will permit the use of iPhones or other tablets as well.

Proud Padcaster papa Josh Apter of NYC's Manhattan Edit Workshop shows off the device in a video on the Padcaster page, and also showcases a "padumentary" short film shot with the iPad and the Padcaster. While it may seem like a lot of effort for a tripod mounting solution (and a good bit of money; pre-ordered units will ship for $199), the ability to shoot and screen in high-def with a firm mount -- then to edit and upload from the same device -- may give some would-be iPad filmmakers a few new ideas.

The gang at The Verge did a nice hands-on video with the Padcaster; check it out below.

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