Engadget speaks with Twelve South on keeping the company small

Mike Schramm
M. Schramm|06.01.12

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Engadget speaks with Twelve South on keeping the company small

Engadget has posted a must-read writeup on one of our favorite companies here at TUAW, Twelve South, the makers of the popular BookBook cases and the PlugBug power accessory for Apple devices. It's long, but it shows how Twelve South is a lesson in focused vision: Making really great high quality products for the Apple audience.

It doesn't hurt, of course, that Apple buyers tend to appreciate quality with their wallets, but Twelve South has carved out a really excellent niche for itself over the years.

It's also wild to hear the story behind the company: They nabbed a sales deal with Apple even before a production deal was made for their products, and they only solidified that by happening across an extra contact in China. And Twelve South's philosophy of staying Apple is maybe the most interesting thing in the whole writeup.

"Every time I'd walk into an Apple Store, I'd see heaps of 'Mac-compatible' accessories," says co-founder Andrew Green. "Mac users don't want compatible. They want exclusive." Twelve South made the commitment to serve Apple users on their own terms, keeping his company small and focused for exactly that reason, and that's partly why Twelve South has seen so much success with its products.

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