OnLive coming to browsers, smart TVs with more viewing capabilities

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OnLive coming to browsers, smart TVs with more viewing capabilities
OnLive has announced that its popular game streaming service is headed out to even more platforms, including LG Smart TVs with Google TV, and a Internet browser near you thanks to a new In-Browser Gaming feature. Starting today, players will be able to go to OnLive's website, and load up the streaming service without a standalone app. OnLive says the browser service is also very customizable by any publishers or content providers, allowing for free streaming trials of any games on the service, with options to send customers off to buy or preorder the games once they're done playing. The service is very similar to competitor Gaikai, and should lower the barrier of entry for customers unwilling to download a separate app: OnLive says it will even work in popular mobile browsers, on smartphones and tablets.

OnLive has also introduced a new feature called MultiView, which allows players to watch multiple views of other players' gameplay while playing their own games, as seen above. Because OnLive's streaming technology just sends video and audio, players can watch up to three other screens while their own game is running, without any more speed hits on the local CPU. MultiView is currently in beta, and should see a full release later on this summer.
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