iPad, iPhone account for 2% of Google's revenue in 2012

Mel Martin
M. Martin|06.07.12

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Mel Martin
June 7th, 2012

A note to clients from Piper Jaffray's Gene Munster suggests that about 2% of Google's annual revenue comes from the iPhone.

The note highlights Apple's reasons for extracting Google from of iOS. We suspect that we'll hear about that next week at WWDC, if Apple announces an in-house replacement for Google Maps.

Here's what Munster says about Google revenue from iOS:

"We estimate Google will generate gross mobile revenue of ~$4.5 billion in 2012 with approximately $500 million coming from display and $4 billion from search. We believe iOS is likely to be the biggest or close to biggest portion of mobile search revenue. Assuming the iOS generates around 40% of total mobile search revenue ($1.6 billion) and Google keeps half after TAC, iOS would generate about 2% of Google's net revenue in 2012. We do not expect any material impact to these assumptions if Google Maps were to no longer be the default mapping application on iOS."

Google will likely get more aggressive in offering maps for iOS. At a press briefing yesterday, the company confirmed that enhanced maps will come to iOS as an app.

The game is on. It will be fun to watch, and iOS users will get better and better technology as a result of the competition.

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