Samsung Galaxy Note with T-Mobile-ready 3G swings by the FCC (update: demo units?)

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A T-Mobile-capable version of the Samsung Galaxy Note has been floating around in pictures, but official evidence has been hard to come by. Imagine our surprise when it saunters by the FCC with few disguises: going under a hinted-at SGH-T879 codename, the giant smartphone has passed through the agency with the needed 1,700MHz HSPA band for T-Mobile 3G while also supporting 850MHz and 1,900MHz 3G in the same breath. The wireless support leaves the possibility that the unit we're seeing here is for 1,700MHz Canadian carriers like Mobilicity or Wind Mobile, but earlier photos of T-Mobile branding and a browser user agent profile allude to the American provider having at least toyed with the idea of a Galaxy Note on its network. Fans of supersized phones have reason to cheer, then, although we have doubts revolving mostly around the T879's absence on a leaked roadmap for mid-2012 and the lateness of the arrival. It might be hard for T-Mobile to steer customers to a 2011-era Samsung phone when the Galaxy S III is on the doorstep.

Update: Some more fuel for the fire: an inventory sheet reportedly leaked to TmoNews has more explicitly made the link between the T879 name and the Galaxy Note along with suggesting that demo units are in the queue. Although we wouldn't count on the rumored July 11th release being solid, there's enough to suggest T-Mobile is serious about getting its first phablet.

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