Tep Wireless unveils European-wide hotspot rental service for $5-a-day, 1GB of data included

Darren Murph
D. Murph|07.11.12

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Tep Wireless unveils European-wide hotspot rental service for $5-a-day, 1GB of data included

Hardcore jetsetters should still be turning to Xcom Global, iPhone Trip or a local mobile shop upon arrival, but those who won't be burning up the megabytes now have yet another alternative when traversing European lands. The outfit best known for keeping those traveling to the UK connected is now branching out a bit, enabling a single rental hotspot to provide mobile data access across 38 countries in the EU. You'll pay $5 per day for the privilege, but here's the kicker: only 1GB of data is included, regardless of how long you stay. If you chew through that allotment, you'll have to pay $55 for an extra 1.4GB or $95 for another 4GB. Granted, that's significantly less than what AT&T and Verizon would charge, even if you sign up for their discounted global plans. (For those curious, the same pools would run between $180 and $250.) It ain't ideal for those working on the go, but if you're just looking to tear through a Foursquare Bucket List while Eurotripping... well, you can place your order today in the source link below.

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Tep Wireless launches European-wide service for $5-a-day, eliminating roaming fees across Europe

Travel in 38 countries and stay connected with a single device and data-plan

London 11 July 12 9am EDT Tep Wireless (www.tepwireless.com) today announce their new expanded service for traveling within Europe. This is great news for travelers who are looking to stay connected 24/7, wherever they travel in Europe with minimal expense and maximum data allowances.

Tep's first-of-its-kind multi-country service alleviates connectivity concerns for business travelers and tourists alike meaning you can now get on a train in London and travel all the way to Vienna without losing connectivity or swapping your sim along the way.

The data package is aimed at heavy users who require an always-on connection wherever they travel. Pricing starts at just $5 per day with 1GB of data provided. Extra data can be bolted on as you need it, meaning flexibility in what you download, as well as where.

The system operates real-time notifications and auto top-up. If selected, a user's data allowance will automatically be increased and their account charged.

Even with the latest roaming price decreases by Verizon and AT&T, a trip to Europe can land travellers a bill of several hundred dollars at least, not to mention the planning that has to go in to ensuring that your devices can connect in multiple locations and countries.*

Companies like Tep are arming travelers with simple, always on connectivity while away from home. Their increased service throughout the EU now makes it even easier to ensure that you are equipped to connect in any of 38 European countries without the need to change sim-card or device.

"I travel across Europe regularly, and I got fed up with not having a good data service on the go. This is why we have developed the multi-country plan, it means that you can go anywhere you like and not lose access to your email, social networks and the web as a whole" says Tomas Mendoza, founder of Tep Wireless.

The service is available immediately. For information on the plans, devices and costs please visitwww.tepwireless.com/wifi/europe.

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