Daily iPhone App: Slice helps you track your online purchases

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Daily iPhone App: Slice helps you track your online purchases

Slice is for the online shopper who likes to have everything right at his or her fingertips. If you take the time to set it up, the app will quickly become the central hub for your online purchases. You can organize your online receipts, track packages and even monitor recent purchases for price drops so you can request a price match refund.

The key to Slice's success is your email account. Once you grant Slice access to your account, it will scan your emails for order invoices and shipping notices. Slice finds your purchases and then stores them in your Slice Purchase History. Using this information, the app can analyze your receipts and allow you to see where you are shopping and what you are buying online with its new "Thingerprint" feature. Slice also tracks your packages and alerts you when an item has been delivered.

Daily iPhone App Slice helps you track your online purchases

The Slice service is free, but it does require you to setup an online account. You also have to grant Slice access to your email account, which could make some people uncomfortable. The company says it scans your email only for order and shipping notices; other emails, which may contain personal information, are ignored. If you still have privacy concerns, you can always setup an email address that you use just for purchases. Slice also uses encryption to help keep your invoices safe.

The latest version of Slice for iOS brings several new changes including email support for Hotmail, iCloud, and AOL email and a new Facebook Connect login if you're a Facebook user. You can also add shipments manually or by scanning the tracking barcode.

I took the app for a test drive and was impressed at how it handled my purchases. I buy a lot of items online and the app did an excellent job picking out the order confirmations and shipping notices from a slew of spam. If you can get past the privacy concerns, Slice soon will become your favorite shopping companion.

The Slice app is available for free from the iOS App Store. You can read more about the service on Slice's website.

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